shady marketing / creates problems


Marketers can be manipulative, shady, and misleading.

But so can anybody.

There are “evil” marketers, sure. But there are also “evil” bankers, garbage men, chefs, and servers.

Just because someone in a profession chooses to be manipulative and deceitful doesn’t mean that everyone in that profession is.

Personally, I think of what I do as helping someone who probably already wants the product I’m advertising find it more easily. I do my best to explain how a given product could be a solution to a problem they’ve been chewing over if they’re already looking for that solution.

There’s no need to “create” and then “solve” a problem if your product really is worth its salt.

A good product getting matched with an audience (that’s already searching for the solution that said product offers) is literally the reason digital marketing exists. Because of that, there’s no need to tear down your audience and then use the product as an excuse to build them back up.

Dudes, just talk about the product. And show it to people who probably already want to see it.