Writer, Reporter | South Dakota Public Radio, 2014

Excerpt 1: Musicians Find Stage in Downtown Sioux Falls

The terms “street musician” or "busker” usually call to mind someone with an open guitar case playing for some spare change on a street corner. That's how blues legend BB King and even pop icon Justin Bieber got their start in front of a crowd. In Downtown Sioux Falls you might come across a few trying to do the same thing. As SDPB’s Kaitlynn Wornson reports, Street Musicians are helping change the image of Downtown Sioux Falls, and business owners aren’t complaining.

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Excerpt 2:Walking Trails Make Someone’s Perfect Day 

Excerpt: For many South Dakotans [their perfect day] means doing something outside. SDPB's Kaitlynn Wornson asks two young adults at a Sioux Falls coffee shop about their perfect day which includes the walking and biking trails in South Dakota.

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