Eide Effect

Copywriter | vvi, 2016

I joined the team right as vvi was launching a campaign for one of the most well-known car sales companies in our region. The campaign focused on one aspect of the company: the “Eide Effect”, or the unique and enjoyable experience of buying a car from Vern Eide Motorcars. To portray that, we used witty, whimsical writing, paired with sophisticated design.





This car has an attitude. Somewhere in between sass and class, the remaining factor is…well, a derriere. As in yours. Sit in a 2016 Acura TLX and you’ll feel the car egg you on as you accelerate, as though it’s saying, “come on, is that all you’ve got?”.

This luxury mid-sized sedan is a driving experience that leaves you smiling long after you’ve gotten out of the car.

(From “Meet the TLX”)