Arts Community Brochure

The director of this brochure project enjoyed the language that I used in this blog post, so we partnered together to describe the surprisingly rich and diverse arts community in Sioux Falls.



Music reverberates through the streets of downtown Sioux Falls every weekend. Very often homegrown, frequently regional and national musicians. “

“The White Wall Sessions offers ‘free range music’ in a hip setting within the lower level of Last Stop CD Shop, another fabulous store that sells music in a variety of formats.”


“Venture downtown Sioux Falls and you’ll discover part of the thriving, independent arts scene that Sioux Falls has to offer. “

Experience Midwestern culture in a whole new way at one of the cultural hubs in the Sioux Falls area. From local history to forging new paths, the community is proud of where it is now and where it’s going.

“Want to enjoy an evening of high-caliber orchestral music? The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra performs music that is usually classical but occasionally highlights film scores or pairs live pop singers with the orchestra.”