Kaitlynn Wornson


Writer and Strategist

I'm based in the Midwest and mildly obsessed with my dog.

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About Me

The creative business is interesting. It can be full of prima donnas, but that doesn't help. 

And good work does good for the client's bottom line, which is far more interesting to me, and I hope to you too. 

I got my start in the news business, and ever since then I've been writing for the magic industry, art community, and the auto industry. 

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Some Work Samples

“It’s usually not polite to stare at a man’s butt. But. Just look at it. Smooth and free of seams, because he’s wearing Buffalo Brand, featuring roomier-than-heck pockets and absolutely no seam running up the middle of his backside. Break free from the seam. Get yourself some Buffalo Brand pants.”


"Cheers, FernsonFest. See you next year."

When you get the chance to go to a beer festival and review it, of course you say yet. 
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"Expect very little of us."

A print campaign for a local building company. They rebranded, but introducing a new name for a well-known corporation took some finesse. And won us some Addys. 

BlackWing Elite Builders Project

"Like drinking good whiskey..."

"...Nostalgia and just the right amount of philosophical possibility served up in a mattress-wrapped glass...it felt like I had stepped into someone else’s memories for a minute, just to find hints of my own."
A Review of an Art Show


writing for radio

Chasing a story was thrilling, editing could be grueling, but learning how to do all that-and do it well-was an awesome way to spend a summer.

Some Stories from Public Radio