Kaitlynn Wornson

Kaitlynn Wornson
Writer / Strategist



I tell human stories, built for humans.
Which involves taking ideas (concrete or abstract, sometimes both) and using careful planning and clever writing to translate them into strategic storytelling. 




My first professional writing gig was as a radio news reporter. I then became a script writer in a magic shop,  a copywriting intern in a creative agency and later landed as a copywriter for an agency whose primary client is a car company. Add in some blogs about everything from how to change a tire to the latest art gallery openings, and you're all caught up. 


Writing samples

Leaving through the glow of the fire pits and a few solo stand lights, I caught sight of some of the Fernson folks, wide smiles and beers in hand, the kind of moment that can only happens after you’ve put on a great festival.
I don’t know if I know how to accept.
But the storm is here and I suppose I’ll get wet.

Darling, do you have an umbrella?

-"AFTER ALL THAT" print series

It’s usually not polite to stare at a man’s butt. But. Just look at it. Smooth and free of seams, because he’s wearing Buffalo Brand, featuring roomier-than-heck pockets and absolutely no seam running up the middle of his backside. Break free from the seam. Get yourself some Buffalo Brand pants.

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